Wood vs Gas Fireplaces – Advantages and Disadvantages

Gas fireplaces have been rising in popularity lately, especially up within the Pacific Northwest, where it’s cool and grey. It’s hard to defeat the simple flipping on the swap and having an instantaneous fire.

Gas fireplaces are popular in other climates as well. For instance, in Arizona, you may want the atmosphere of flickering flames for an enchanting night at home; nevertheless, you don’t need heat. That works fine, since gas fireplaces provide you with the option of working them with the fan on or off (the fan is what’s in charge of blowing heat in to the room).

wood vs gas fireplaces

If you’re scanning this article you almost certainly haven’t chosen, however, if the gas fireplace is right for you. They cost from $1500 or more, and generally, putting in one means you will not have the ability to use your wood fireplace any longer. (Most gas fireplaces come as inserts that match your old firebox.) To assist you decide, let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Advantages of Wood Fireplaces

  • You obtain the crackling realism of a genuine fire.
  • You can practice your fire-building skills whenever you want a little extra heat.
  • They may bring the family mutually during an ability outage.

Disadvantages of Wood Fireplaces

  • You have to haul the real wood inside, often up steps.
  • You have to completely clean ashes from the hearth regularly.
  • It does take time to create a regular hearth, and then from the bad idea to go out or go to sleep so long as it’s still losing, so you’re focused on a fire all night.
  • Much of heat raises the chimney, because wood fireplaces aren’t energy efficient.

Advantages of Gas Fireplaces

  • You can have warmness and a flame at the flick of a switch.
  • They are energy conserving and warm-up an area quickly.
  • You won’t need to be anxious about chimney sweeps, creosote, and chimney fires.

Disadvantages of Gas Fireplaces

  • Though the flames on many gas fireplaces today are very realistic, you do not have the sound of crackling lumber and the original feel of the fire.
  • Potential homebuyers who haven’t been fired up to the ease and comfort a gas fireplace provides may choose a normal wood hearth.

As you can see, there are quarrels for both attributes. Is really a gas fireplace much better than a wood one? That is something that will depend on the likes of the fireplace-user. It’s really your decision and your choices concerning whether you want one within the other.

As someone with two gas fireplaces inside home, I’ll say that lots of people don’t understand precisely how wonderful these are until they’ve owned or operated one themselves. We started out with one upstairs, and immediately after installed the next inside our downstairs fireplace. You merely can’t conquer the capability of getting up on a wintry day and snapping on the gas fireplace, which means you, can warm your buns when you dress.