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Many homeowners don’t know that there are many different fireplace styles and options available to them. Also, it’s not common knowledge that you can remodel your fireplace into the style you prefer.

Another thing homeowners don’t consider is the safety risks associated with using a fireplace. There are safety tips you need to consider in order to keep your home safe from fire.

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Cool Mantel Ideas for a Brand New Fireplace

fireplace mantleA nicely designed mantel is one of the main design areas of a living room. It’s the initial thing the attention is attracted to when entering in the area. Similar to the other places of our homes, just how we beautify our mantels is a primary reflection of our own style.

Want to upgrade your mantel, however, not sure where to start? We’ve produce some tips and suggestions to get you on the way to an elegant display.

One important aspect of mantel decorating is how you will balance your things in the area. Symmetry brings your vision over the mantel, which is way better for a far more streamlined, simple strategy. For homes with a far more classic and traditional visual, this is a favorite look. If you need a newer style, differentiate the elevation of your accessories to attain the look that best matches your personality.

You will also want to focus on scale which means that your statement portions don’t overwhelm the area. Experiment with different styles, textures and colors to find the right proportions. You might be astonished how much you prefer the look of your vibrant pop of color or a high statement piece.

Below are a few Cool Mantel Ideas to help you to get started:

Add Greenery

As fireplaces are usually manufactured from heavy and hard-looking materials such as brick or rock, they can think about down the appearance of an area if dressed incorrectly. To overcome this, split up the masculinity of your fire place with the delicate, smooth lines of plant life.

A pop of green matches a range of design styles, while floral plans put in a more feminine shade. Tall grasses have become ever more popular as a comparatively neutral and sensitive plant that provides eye-catching height.

Follow these mantel decorating ideas as a guide about how to produce your brand-new favorite space, but retain in mind the main tip of most: Stay true to your individual style. Use items you like, designs you are more comfortable with and a visual that will fit your home. You can’t fail!

Get Artsy

Whether you’re a fine-art connoisseur or maybe like gazing at your chosen painting, a skill display can be considered a wonderful addition atop your mantel. You may get a trendy gallery wall membrane, either hung above the mantel or resting atop it. Otherwise, you may make a declaration with an individual large artwork that shows your tastes.

Use Mirrors

Can’t choose a bit of artwork? Get one of these mirrors instead. You’ll find them in practically any condition and size, whether you’d choose a statement reflection or two corresponding ones that flank the mantel. A reflection also really helps to brighten your living room by reflecting light from a window. You may either hang up it or placed it on the mantel and trim it resistant to the wall.

Try Tech

Flat-screen Tv sets have made their way to your mantels, and they are probably here to remain. If you’re likely to put your Tv set over your mantel, then mounting it right to the wall can be an visually clean way to take action. When you can, attach it flush with the wall so it appears less bulky. Otherwise, you can conceal it behind a cupboard.

For a far more attractive option, try framing your Television. You’ll still want to include what to the mantel itself, but make certain they can be small and do not clutter the area or prevent the screen.